Here Are Top Ten Culinary Banda Aceh

23 Agustus 2016

Slide presentasi kuliner Banda Aceh

Slide presentasi kuliner Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh – A Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was held at the Hotel Oasis, Banda Aceh early last August 2016. FGD facilitated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia aims to profiling and culinary tourism destinations in the capital of Aceh province. Department of culture and tourism Banda Aceh and Aceh are actively involved.

Head of Promotion and Marketing . Department of culture and tourism Banda Aceh, Said Fauzan said the participants who come from various backgrounds, tourism players, including restaurants and hotels. They were asked to discordant thoughts Aceh to support and promote halal tourism.

Furthermore, the participants determine the top culinary in Banda Aceh. Top 10 culinary elected, following as;
1. Kuah Beulangong
2. Chicken Catch (Ayam Tangkap)
3. Mie Aceh
4. Coffee Sanger
5. Timphan
6. Kuah Pliek U
7. Sour Stew Keueung (Gulai Masam Keueung)
8. Sie Reuboh
9. Kanji Rumbi
10. Lincah Mameh

The culinary easily found in Banda Aceh. Want to know more details about the food? We will discuss one by one in full here. [AW|AZ]